How can help TRUSTEES?

As a Trustee, simply register with SMSFflow and request your fund members to advise their employer of your SMSF’s ABN (Australian Business Number) & bank account details, and the SuperStream ESA (Electronic Service Address) of "SuperMate". Once SuperStream commences after 1 July 2014^ any Employer Contributions made will continue to flow into your fund’s bank account as normal but the information about the contribution transaction will pass via the SuperStream network.

Where your fund is being administered by one of the 100s of accountants, SMSF administrators or planners using our SMSF administration software, SuperMate, that transaction’s information will automatically be added into your fund’s accounting details. You will also receive an email from SMSFflow with all the contribution’s information. If your fund is not being administered using SuperMate, then we will send you an email with all the information which you can then forward to your fund’s administrator for entry into their system.

Registration for SMSFflow is FREE and there will be no charge for receiving contribution information. Once registered you can always unregister at any time if you no longer wish to use the system.

As easy as ....

  • Register with SMSFflow
  • Give your Employer:
    • your fund’s ABN
    • bank account details
    • ESA = "SuperMate"
  • SMSFflow will then deliver all your info electronically

^ The Federal Government has recently announced all superannuation funds will have until 1 July 2015 to comply with the new standard.