Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

You have a choice of suppliers for providing your SuperStream contributions information for your or your clients’ SMSFs. By electing to use SMSF flow as your SuperStream Gateway, you will be governed by, and deemed to accept, the following Terms and Conditions.

Provision of Information

While we take all reasonable steps to make electronic contributions information available to your fund as accurately as possible, SMSFflow receives electronic contributions information from employers via third party gateways, which are not operated or controlled by SMSFflow. We are unable to ensure the accuracy of information received from third parties, and you should not rely on this information as the sole basis of entering into decisions about the operation of your SMSF.

SMSFflow will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or delay in transmission outside of its control, which includes data provided from either your employer or third parties.

Your Data

You own all data collected in the provision of the SMSFflow service, including contributions information received for your fund. You are solely responsible for the data you provide to us, including ensuring it is accurate and error free. Failure of the service due to data provided by you will not be the responsibility of SMSFflow. You are also responsible for the storage and backup of any information provided to, and received by, SMSF flow.

Should you decide to leave this service, or we terminate either the service, or your usage of the service, we will continue to provide contributions messages to you for a period of 60 days following the termination date. You will be responsible for making alternative arrangements during this period to continue receiving SuperStream messages.

Changes To This Agreement

We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. Updates will be made available at www.smsfflow.com.au.

Use of Information

Information collected from you will be used in the provision of the SMSFflow service. We may also use this information to advise you of additional services from time to time. We will not provide this information to any other third party, other than as required for the operation of the SMSF flow service.


If you have any questions concerning the SMSFflow service or Terms and Conditions please contact us on info@smsfflow.com.au.